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FAQ’s Sedation


What to expect regarding your procedure sedation.

What type of sedation will I receive for my procedure?

The Iowa Endoscopy Center physicians administer only conscious or moderate sedation. Conscious or moderate sedation is a state of sedation in which the patient remains aware of his or her person, surroundings, and conditions. Conscious or moderate sedation helps in the reduction of pain and anxiety during the procedure. Regardless of the type of sedation you receive, we make sure that the type and amount of sedation you receive provides a safe and speedy recovery.

May I request not to have any sedation for my procedure?

Yes, you may request that no sedation be administered for your procedure; however, you will still have an IV line placed for your safety.

Will I receive any other medication before my procedure?

Not usually; however, if you tell us that you have a history of nausea or vomiting with sedating medications, we may administer an anti-nausea medication.

Why must I refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to my procedure?

It is important to refrain from eating and/or drinking prior to your procedure in order to prevent the risk of aspiration (a complication related to vomiting) during your procedure. This complication may be very serious. Specific instructions will be provided to you prior to your procedure. It is very important that you follow the provided instructions. If you do not, your procedure may be delayed or cancelled.