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FAQs After Procedure

After Procedure

What to expect after your procedure

Will I be sent home with disharge instuctions after the procedure?

When you are discharged you will be given very specific written instructions and a phone number to call if you have questions or concerns after you leave the center. These instructions may include follow up appointments, new medications, diet recommendations, and any additional testing. We ask that you review the information and let us know if you have questions or concerns.

What if I am not feeling well once I get home?

If you experience symptoms you believe are unusual or severe, we ask that you seek medical attention immediately. We do have a physician on call and you may call them. Do not delay seeking treatment if your symptoms are very severe. You should go to the emergency room or call 911.

What can I eat when I get home?

We generally suggest you eat a light meal after your procedure. Your physician may recommend a specific diet for you after your procedure. We also encourage that you drink plenty of fluids the day of your procedure. You should avoid alcoholic beverages.

Can my family be with me after my procedure?

Yes. After your procedure, you will be taken to a recovery area. A nurse will monitor your vital signs and make sure you are comfortable as the sedation begins to wear off. Your family will be invited back to the recovery area soon after you arrive in this area. The physician will speak with you and your responsible driver in recovery.

May I drive home?

No. You will not be allowed to drive after your procedure or the remainder of the day. Please arrange for an adult to drive you home. You are not allowed to take a taxi, paratransit or any other transportation services unless accompanied by an adult family member or friend.
The driver needs to remain in the facility during your procedure so that they can be available after your procedure.

Should I continue my usual medications after surgery?

Most patients should continue their usual medications after surgery. Patients who have diabetes and those patients on blood thinners may require some adjustment to their medications. These instructions will be clarified with you before you leave the facility. If you have any questions, please call your physician or primary care physician.

How long will I stay after my surgery?

The amount of recovery time varies from patient to patient. Recovery may last up to 1 hour if everything goes without incident. After your procedure, a nurse will monitor your vital signs and make sure you are alert and stable before you will be discharged from the center.